Haircuts and Other

Steam Hydration Treatment
Hair moisturized with steam. Conditioners can be added for an additional charge.


Conditioning Treatment
A formula that is designed to restore proteins and moisture in the hair. Often the client will wear a cap and be placed under a dryer for 10-20 minutes to increase the speed of penetration.

Women’s Hair Trim
Haircut that is one inch or less of hair being cut.

Women’s Haircut
A customized haircut designed by your stylist to fit your individual style and preferences.

Women’s Styling With Flat-Curling Iron
Professional styling and finishing service using a Curling Iron

Hair Prosthetics

Hair Prosthetic Fitting
Fitting of hair prosthetic on client.

Hair Prosthetic Measurements
Taking measurements of client’s head to make a prosthetic.

Hair Prosthetic Consultation
Consultation to discuss hair prosthetics.

Natural Hair Styles

Rod Set
Natural hair set on rods

Two-Strand Twist


Complimentary(free) consultation to discuss your hair locking options.

Locs-Interlock Method
Locks are tightened using a locking tool.

Palm Roll Locs
Locs formed by twisting.

Loc Style

Rod Set

Loc Loops
Loc loops are formed by taking sections of locs and twisting and looping the locs. Best when done on long locs.

Tool Set (Pipe cleaners)
Locs set on pipe cleaners to form curls.

Bantu Knots

Locs styled in Bantu knots. Bantu knots are formed by taking sections of locs and twisting or braiding the locs in a knot or coil.

Flat Twist Up Do
Locs styled in an up do using flat twist.

Braided Up Do

Locs braided in an up do style.

Hair Color and Other

Demi Color
Demi color application

Color Consultation
Complimentary(free) consultation to discuss your hair color options.

Is the process of using a dye or tint to change the color of your hair to cover up the grey, or for cosmetic purposes.

Virgin Color

Color and Full Highlight
All over permanent or semi permanent color with highlights.


Cornrows/French Braids
Hair braided to the scalp without extensions.


Sew In Weave
Sew-In is a type of hair extension that is either synthetic or natural that is sewn on a tightly woven braid against the scalp.

Crochet Braids
Hair cornrowed and then hair extensions added with a latch hook.

Tree Braids
Weave formed with individual braids with extension hair pulled out from the braids.

Interlock Braids
Weave done with hair braided on the scalp with the extension hair and extension hair is pulled out to form the weave.

Fusion/Micro Links/Tape Extensions
Hair extensions done with adhesive(fusion), links(micro links) or tape.

Get Healthy And Beautiful Natural Hair

We nurture, cultivate and enhance natural hair into healthy hair that you can wear with confidence and pride.

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